Allows any device with a speaker, microphone and Internet connection to become a voice interactive product.

The voice interaction can be updated and gets smarter over time. Get real time data on interaction with your product.

An end-to-end service for implementing voice interaction on any hardware.




Customize voice interaction on your product so that it's the perfect fit for how you want to portray your device.

Get a light, easy to deploy piece of code that can run on your hardware. We take care of the implementation.

How does

benefit the users of your product?

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Instant support access

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Easier interaction

Relaying of IoT info

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Where we're located

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What we want

Our mission is to make interaction with technology and the world around us seamless, secure and natural through voice by enabling everyday objects to come alive.

More on UCIC

Who we are

Engineers and programmers with extensive experience in human-computer interaction. Backgrounds in aerospace, robotics, haptics, tele-surgery, voice, DSP technologies, and more.

How we started

UCIC originally started with a project on Kickstarter in 2012 for Ubi - The Ubiquitous Computer - a WiFi-connected, voice operated computer. We learned from millions of interactions between people and thousands of beta Ubi devices around the world.

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